2016 ICSC National Retail Convention

Mike Van Buskirk and Kristen Zueger, brokers with Van Buskirk Companies, are once again highlighting Lake Lorraine in Las Vegas this week at International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Global Retail Convention, commonly known as REcon.

The event is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center which encompasses approximately 3.2 million square feet with exhibit space of 2 million square feet and meeting space of nearly 250,000 square feet!

Over 36,000 people are expected to attend the event and it's the ultimate opportunity for our brokers to discuss new or exisiting deals, network, and gain education on industry trends, future plans for national retailers, and much more.

At the 2015 convention, Van Buskirk Companies had 60,000 square feet of committed retail space and this year, that number has increased to almost 180,000!  These pending leases are for Phase 1, the junior box retail area on the east side of the development.  Van Buskirk's brokers are having follow up conversations with those committed retailers this year but are also beginning new conversations for the next phase.

These new conversations are surrounding Phase 2 which is a main street with a nice connection to the lake.  This area will be made up of both national and local retailers and be similar to The Bridges at 57th Street.

Jodi Schwan, with the Argus Leader, reported live from the convention again this year and you can check out her article on Lake Lorraine's next phase here.