Welcome to Lake Lorraine, a premier lifestyle center located in Sioux Falls, SD.



Whether you just need a relaxing getaway for the day, or you are looking for a new place to explore, Lake Lorraine is all about the perfect shopping experience.

Enjoy a natural setting and lake living - right in the midst of the city! The beautiful surroundings at Lake Lorraine make it a perfect setting for family outdoor fun.

Lake Lorraine is home to some of the region’s best companies and employers. Lake Lorraine can make your quality of life seamless and enjoyable.



The goal of the project is to make Lake Lorraine something special, not only for the Friessen family, but for the entire region.” - Warren Friessen


Lake Lorraine is located in westside Sioux Falls, neatly tucked just to the west of Interstate 29 between the following major streets: S Marion Road on the west, 26th Street on the north, and 41st Street on the south.