Learn more about our Farmers Market vendors below. For the latest updates about what items they may be bringing each week, follow the Lake Lorraine Facebook page and the Lake Lorraine Farmers Market Facebook events. We are open to including additional vendors at our Farmers Market in 2019 or vendors who are interested in coming to Lake Lorraine in 2020. Please use the contact form here to tell us more!


Hanisch Farms

OFFERING: Beef, Poultry, Eggs, Lamb, Pork, Vegetables

ABOUT: This family-owned and operated farm has been perfecting garden and meat produce for more than 15 years. Hanisch Farms offers chemical-free produce, grown from seed on the farm, as well as chemical free and free-range meat. Hanisch Farms also has experience in family canning, preserving and pickling produce.


Orange Creek Farms

OFFERING: Angus Beef, Berkshire Pork, Katahdin Lamb, Gourmet Jerky

ABOUT: Orange Creek Farms is a small family farm where three generations have come together to provide high quality meat.  What began as a few hogs on a farm outside of Orange City, Iowa, has grown into approximately 100 cattle of varying stages and about 30 hogs at any one time on the farm in Rock Valley, Iowa. Orange Creek Farms focuses on animal well-being and care while providing a well-balanced diet of grains and hay. This results in some of the most tender and flavorful meat you will find.  All of our animals are born on the farm and spend their entire lives there. The animals have space and time to grow and are outside in open pens/pastures every day. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used.

Warner Produce

OFFERING: Vegetables, including heirloom and some hybrid tomato and pepper plants in the spring, as well as patio tomato plants, patio pepper plants and hanging basket tomatoes and peppers until they are gone

ABOUT: Warner's Produce is a family farm near Montrose, South Dakota. Paul and Laura Warner are the owners — Paul is the great-grandson of the original homesteader of the property.  The Warners raise their children on the farm and continue a tradition of agriculture that is currently four generations in the making. The Warners farm as sustainably as possible in order to provide their customers and family with healthy, nutritious vegetables while caring for the land.  



Dakota Mushrooms & Microgreens

OFFERING: Mushrooms, mushroom grow kits, microgreens

ABOUT: Dakota Mushrooms and Microgreens is an urban farm located in Sioux Falls. They’ve been providing gourmet mushrooms and microgreens since 2015. Dakota Mushrooms and Microgreens are grown with safe all natural ingredients.  Absolutely no herbicides or pesticides are used. Everything is grown indoors for consistent results and they strive to harvest the same day the product is delivered.



That Pickin Patch

OFFERING: Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, sweet corn, carving pumpkins, specialty pumpkins, squash, gourds, Indian corn

ABOUT: That Pickin Patch is the Kasten Family, whose farm was homesteaded in 1879. The youngest generation is the sixth generation to farm these same lands. This love of the land is what drives them to implement sustainable agriculture practices in order to continue to hand down the land to future generations and provide good, wholesome foods for their family and their customers.


Pampered Chef Farmers Market Team

OFFERING: Utensils and tools for prepping, cooking and serving produce and meat to help get meals to the table faster

ABOUT: Pampered Chef is a 35 year old company committed to bringing families back to the table and creating fast easy ways to prepare fresh food in a hurry.  Our mission is "Enriching Lives, one meal and one memory at a time" Let Pampered Chef help you — Jeannie Johnson and team will be on hand to share some veggie prep tips, products, recipes and more! Teaching people to prepare fresh products faster encourages healthy eating and family mealtime, and also supports our neighboring farmers to continue with their bountiful harvests! 


Sweetgrass Soapery

OFFERING: Shampoo bars, soap, shaving soaps, deodorant, bath bombs, shower steamers, healing salves, smudging herbs and more

ABOUT: Sweetgrass Soapery features homegrown herbal-based bath and body products made with fresh ingredients and essential oils. They focus on small batches made with health and sustainability in mind.


Dahlberg Farms


OFFERING: Honey products

ABOUT: Dahlberg Farms is a family-run business established in 1998 near Beresford. They provide local honey to the area.


Fresh Farms


OFFERING: Fruit, currently Georgia peaches and Washington cherries

ABOUT: Fresh Farms USA started because a woman named Irina wanted fresh, flavorful fruit for her family. She had a great logistics background and found a way to get fresh fruit to families at a great price. While they also offer meat and seafood, Fresh Farms USA will be focusing on fruit at the Lake Lorraine Farmers Market.


Parable Coffee Co.


OFFERING: Variety of brewed coffee options and packaged coffee beans.

ABOUT: Parable Coffee Co. is a family-owned and -operated company whose ethic is based on their Christian faith. All roasting is done in Sioux Falls.